Hitman Pro and Combofix


I”ve fixed a lot of computers and laptops now with a couple of really great programs. I found one of them by word of mouth. It”s called Hitman Pro and I highly recommend it.

You can download the program for free and run a 1 time scan. It doesn”t take long to scan your system and it detects all the latest viruses and malware. You get a 30 day trial but if you are fixing a virus ridden machine then you only need it the once.. It”s made by SurfRight, check it out.


Another great program I found on the net is ComboFix. This is a highly powerful program and the website suggests it could damage your machine if not used correctly. They do suggest you open a ticket with them to discuss the problem, but the laptop I had was so broken this really was the last option before I reformatted. You have to accept the terms and let it run for a few hours, depending on the speed of your laptop I guess. This one was quite slow so I left it on it”s own for a while (over night). Once I came back the virus was gone and I could surf the web again. The virus affected the registry quite badly and permissions were all locked down. It looked quite a mess, but this program seemed to have rebuilt the lot.

I would only use this as a last resort, but I”ve tried an XP machine and a Vista machine with success on both occasions. Make sure you go to the BleepingComputers website to get it though, there”s a few fakes out there. Read the site completely before you do any work.