Month: October 2014

Draytek demo – helpful page

I find this really helpful when I need to look at a Draytek router UI.   It’s the top link.

Audio device is disabled – not fixed error

I’ve just spent a few hours trying to get a plantronics headset working on Windows 7. I’ve actually given up with that, but since doing so, my sound card completely stopped working with an error suggesting it could not find anything plugged into it. When running the windows diags, it told me – Audio device…

FreeBSD 10 source tree missing /usr/src/

I recently installed FreeBSD 10, as I broke my server by trying to install a 32bit ESET av, which is actually all they provide for FreeBSD. Anyway, I couldn’t see anything in the source /usr/src/ so I tried to install it using sysinstall. # sysinstall bash: sysinstall: command not found sysinstall for FreeBSD 10 has…