Category: Firewall

Mikrotik /ip firewall filter move

Moving a rule in ssh is easy. Just move the rule number to the destination number – /ip firewall filter move 7 destination=4 This would move rule number 7 to position 4, moving 4 lower down the chain. Sometimes helpful when you, like me, accidentally created a rule for winbox 8291 as port 8192!

Mikrotik Hairpin NAT

I needed to configure some NAT rules on a Mikrotik, but the rules only worked from outside in. The customer uses split DNS for the domain, so a local address on the mail client, and it needed a loopback rule. In the end I wrote the rules into the router using the terminal, or ssh. Here’s an…

iptables-save / iptables-restore

Editing iptables on a Centos machine? Firstly you can check your rules like so – iptables -L cd /home/richard iptables-save > 08-05-2015.rules vi 08-05-2015.rules (add your rules) iptables-restore < 08-05-2015.rules services iptables save iptables -L – You should now see your new rules.