Month: October 2016

Cisco traffic shaping

There are a few tools to convert Mb to bits, bytes to bits etc, but I like this one – Directions are as follows: direction = input or output shaped = Speed you want to traffic shape in bits normal burst = (shaped / 8) * 1.5  extended burst = (normal burst * 2)   …


Scenario; set up ssh keys to machine so that you do not require a password for use with something like scp. First you need a slave user. If you ‘adduser’ on both machines and pick a user name. Make sure they have a shell account but do not require authentication using a password. On the…

protocol error: mtime.sec not present

Scenario: scp using ssh keys to a machine on my network, but received the error – protocol error: mtime.sec not present On creating the user on the remote machine I used nologin, instead of a shell. Simply changing the user via vipw to a shell fixed the issue.

Free website SSL for my NAS

I own a couple of NAS boxes and I’m using 1 of them right now. My StartCom certificate was nearly about to expire, so I had to generate another CSR for the new certificate. In fact on Apache you can just use the same one I believe, but I wanted to ensure I used the…

Mikrotik /ip firewall filter move

Moving a rule in ssh is easy. Just move the rule number to the destination number – /ip firewall filter move 7 destination=4 This would move rule number 7 to position 4, moving 4 lower down the chain. Sometimes helpful when you, like me, accidentally created a rule for winbox 8291 as port 8192!