Month: December 2014

Move MySQL datadir to new partition

I had to move a mysql datadir to a new partition as it was stored in /var/lib/mysql but df -h showed the main partition being /data and the / partition was now full up. This was a Centos machine. I stopped mysql – /etc/init.d/mysqld stop I copied the mysql databases over to the new directory…

Cisco SNR adjustment

Go into global configuration mode and type the following: service internal int atm 0 dsl noise-margin (a value between -3 and 3) Most likely you will need to increase the SNR for stability. You should check the SNR via the command show dsl interface atm0/0/0 or something like show controllers VDSL 0 (or what ever…

FreeBSD Check failed disk in raid

One of my servers has a failed disk, but I’m not entirely sure which one. I installed arcconf – cd /usr/ports/sysutils/arcconf make install /usr/local/sbin/arcconf getconfig 1 Shows me the output, which will show me the failed disk or battery problems etc.